Will Trump’s Proposal Lead To U.S. Immigration Reform?

President Trump and his son-in-law and senior advisor Jared Kushner recently unveiled their new immigration reform proposals. Some commentators immediately declared those proposals dead on arrival. But are they? Is it possible that Trump’s proposals could become part of a new immigration reform package that Congress could adopt?

The President’s Plan

The President’s plan proposed the following key elements:

  • Focusing on merit and skills, rather than family ties or humanitarian needs
  • Attracting and retaining the best and brightest immigrants
  • Limiting family immigration to only children and spouses
  • Building a wall along the U.S. Mexican border
  • Modernizing ports of entry
  • Stemming the flow of low-wage labor
  • Keeping legal immigration numbers the same

What’s Missing?

Let us start by considering what the President’s new plan failed to consider. The matters overlooked include: family unity, catch and release, immigration judges, the diversity lottery, sanctioning cities, Kate’s law regarding re-entry after deportation, a path to citizenship for unlawfully present immigrants, DACA and DAPA, H1B visa reform, EB5 integrity reform, quicker processing of all immigration cases, more green cards, refugee law reform and helping Latin America politically and economically to reduce the number of migrants who are coming to the U.S. border.

Let’s concede that neither the President’s proposal, nor likely any other reform proposal from anyone else today, will solve all these problems in one fell swoop. Given that fact, let’s ask: What six problems can we solve now that will give us an 80 percent improvement in U.S. immigration today?

By Andy Semotiuk for FORBES

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