Walls Help Enforce Immigration Laws as Written

Almost every day, I see agitated people on television shouting various reasons why building a border wall is a bad idea and can’t possibly work. If the wall won’t work, what’s the big deal? After all, it’s a nice little pork-barrel project, the money involved is minor, and, if it doesn’t work, no one is inconvenienced. And yet, the government is shut down over this issue.

Maybe it’s because many people know that walls do work, and that is the reason politicians in both parties are fighting it. They know that walls don’t care which party is in power or who is in the White House. Walls do not posture or make position statements. Walls do not evolve or reverse direction due to political calculations. Walls makes no judgments, treat everyone equally and enforce the law as written: If you wish to enter the country, go to any port of entry and apply.

Immigrant advocates often cite the dangers of desert crossings and demand that our “broken immigration system” be fixed. The wall would discourage illegal crossings and redirect the immigrants. Border entry ports are easier to reach than wilderness crossings, safer than dealing with drug cartels and smugglers, and provide more immediate services than isolated desert locations.

Politicians are loath to take a stand on anything of consequence and will never act until they are cornered. Cheap labor and a reliable campaign issue for both parties are far more valuable than real reform. The strategic placement of walls and barriers would allow resources to be redirected to actual management of the border in lieu of the idiotic, dangerous and expensive game of hide-and-seek in the desert.

By Bob Earthal for ST. LOUIS POST – DISPATCH

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