US Must Revamp Immigration Laws

There would be a Permanent Legal Worker status with a green card. A second plan involves permitting them to sign up for a pathway to citizenship. However, building that pathway would not be easy.

America’s immigration policy has been a major topic in every political debate this year. Every politician has their proposal — from pure amnesty, which I totally disagree with, to some type of pathway to citizenship or legal worker status. There appears to be significant problems with every plan I’ve studied. I truly believe there isn’t one politician in America who really cares to tackle this problem, as winning elections is more important.

There are many Americans who say let’s simply deport all the estimated 14 million unregistered immigrants without question. Attempting to deport that many people would be a herculean task and take years. One major problem is many undocumented immigrants are young. Since arriving they’ve had children, who are full American citizens. Breaking up families would be devastating, and deporting innocent American citizens would be wrong.

Additionally, the number of deportations by presidents is wildly exaggerated. On Dec. 15, then-presidential candidate Ted Cruz stated President Clinton deported 12 million while George W. Bush deported 10 million. states Clinton deported just under 900,000, Bush roughly 2 million and President Obama about 1.4 million so far.

By Gerry Feld, SC Times
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