Tom Homan: Lawmakers Want California to Ignore Immigration Laws, as if it Were an Independent Nation

Driven by Trump Derangement Syndrome, the Democratic-controlled far-left California Legislature is determined to stop the Trump administration from enforcing immigration laws enacted by Congress and past presidents. By doing this, the Legislature is effectively making the absurd claim that it has the power to ignore federal law.

The California Legislature’s latest effort would eventually ban the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) from housing illegal immigrants in privately operated prisons in California.

Such a ban is a dangerous and harmful move that wouldn’t succeed in stopping the detention of illegal immigrants. It would simply raise detention costs for U.S. taxpayers and result in illegal immigrants being held under worse conditions. So instead of helping illegal immigrants – as California Democrats claim they want to do – their legislation would actually hurt the migrants.

The California State Assembly gave legislation imposing the ban on housing illegal immigrants in private prisons final legislative approval last week. It sent the measure to Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom, who has voiced support for phasing out the use of private prisons. He has until Oct. 13 to sign or veto the bill.

The legislation would bar the state from signing or renewing a contract with a private prison starting in 2020. In would also bar the state from housing any prisoner in a private for-profit detention facility starting in 2028.

To show you how blatantly partisan this legislation is, the California Legislature never took action to stop the detention of illegal immigrants in private prisons when Democratic President Barack Obama was in office. Yet under the Obama administration, ICE was detaining illegal immigrants in private prisons in exactly the same manner as is occurring today under the Trump administration.

In fact, in 2012 alone ICE arrested and removed 409,000 illegal immigrants from the U.S. – a record. And the Obama administration approved adding 3,000 family detention beds and the so- called “cages” to hold detainees.

By Tom Homan for FOX NEWS
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