Tom Hanks Says Trump Immigration Policies Go Against Common Sense

When asked at the Stand for Rights telethon to benefit the ACLU which candidate he’d like to see run for president, documentary filmmaker Michael Moore told The Huffington Post, “He’s sitting back there. His name is Hanks, first name Tom. I just told him, ‘You know, we need you to run.’”

(“Run, Tom! Run!” is how we hope that conversation went.)

Why not? If “Cast Away” is any indication, Tom Hanks can even make you empathize with a volleyball.

Despite this, Hanks told HuffPost he’s not a politician, and it really comes down to “where you can do your best work.” The actor believes his best work is telling “stories about people,” which is what he did at the ACLU event on March 31 when talking about immigration.

“There’s people with brown skin who are having cheeseburgers somewhere in the middle of America, and it’s just assumed by a very, very ignorant segment of the population that if they’re brown they must be terrorists from the Middle East,” Hanks told HuffPost. “That’s a degree of reality, and it’s nothing more than a level of malevolence that is magnified by ignorance.”

When asked what he’d say to those people facing discrimination, Hanks sounded off, first bringing up the story of Guadalupe García de Rayos, a mother of two who had been deported to Mexico after living in the United States for more than two decades. Like many people, the actor couldn’t believe the story when it happened, saying it comes down to “common sense.”

“That’s contrary to a degree of common sense that is the speed at which America is supposed to work at. We understand, yes, a law has been broken. That woman has been in the country illegally for all those years. My father-in-law was in the country illegally for a number of years.

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