The U.S. Southern Border: The Wild West

A frightening and recent surge of vigilantism at the U.S. southern border is reminiscent of the American Wild West of the late 1800s. Although the entertainment industry may fantasize about this period in U.S. history, this resurgence is a consequence of the very real and present danger of current U.S. anti-immigrant rhetoric. One such vigilante organization boasts the support of a former Trump Administration official and Senatorial candidate. While officially Border Control claims not to endorse gunslingers usurping law enforcement power on the border, many of its agents collaborate with these criminal organizations.

Let’s be honest. When videos immerge on social media of groups of 200 migrants including women and children being detained by vigilante groups we need to be clear of what we are dealing with. Homegrown terrorism. Regardless of what civil laws any migrant may have violated by crossing into U.S. territory undocumented, there is absolutely no justification for these usurpers to be allowed to continue violent terrorist activity along the U.S. border in violation of the U.S. Constitution and the American way of life.

We conquered the west a long time ago and we have systems and authorities in place to guarantee that any human being within the U.S. territory is treated with respect and their liberties not restricted based on vile discriminatory dislike of “others.” Of course, we know our history has been marred with a chronic gun violence epidemic and the deprivation of life of minorities. These issues are still in need of a remedy. Yet, there, at the southern border, we can tame the west and should stop this terror now. Otherwise, history will judge us as implicit supporters of hate and that is not the American legacy we wish to leave behind.

By The Immigration Post – Chief Editor

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