Sessions releases four-part immigration plan

Monday, former U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama) released a new four part immigration reform plan.

Following the Supreme Court’s decision thwarting President Donald J. Trump’s (R) effort to swiftly end the DACA amnesty program, Senator Sessions released a plan to fix America’s immigration system.

The plan has four pillars which Sessions claims provide the right framework for Congress to fix the American immigration system in a responsible way that protects American workers and interests first. Sessions says that this is especially crucial now, with unemployment at over 13 percent.

First, Sessions would reduce the number of foreign workers coming to the United States. The United States brings in approximately 1.4 million guest workers every year, Sessions claims that many of them come to the United States to displace American workers by taking white-collar jobs (such as tech jobs) for minimal pay. Sessions claimed that the massive number of foreign guest workers drives down wages for American workers and limits their upward mobility.

Sessions said that President Trump should be praised for following Sessions’ recommendation to extend and expand the immigration proclamation to limit guest workers until the American unemployment numbers return to normal, so now we need to reduce the number of foreign workers for the long-term, to protect Americans first.

Sessions said that Tommy Tuberville disagrees with this policy and has repeatedly said “we need workers,” he’s suggested that we should bring in 400,000 more Indian tech workers, and his only limitation is that he wants unlimited numbers of foreign workers to come here “the right way.”

Sessions said that if you can’t control your own borders, you have no national sovereignty—you aren’t even a nation at all if you can’t control your borders. To that end Sessions would build the wall, but would not stop there.

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