Ryan Explains to Georgetown Students Why Illegal Immigration Is ‘Real Threat’

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) told millennials that a lack of border security, drug cartel activity and ISIS are among the reasons many Republicans and their constituents oppose illegal immigration.

Ryan said those issues must be dealt with before immigration reform is passed by Congress.

“I just can’t understate how concerned people are about national security — how concerned people are about the fact that the borders are not being secured. This is about heroin and opioid. This is about ISIS. This is not about a demographic. It’s not about Latinos. It’s not at all about that,” said Ryan during a millennial town hall at Georgetown University. “It is about the rule of law. It is about this country knowing who is coming and who is going and then getting these laws right so they work.”

Ryan said immigration reform is not going to happen this year because President Obama decided to go around Congress with executive actions on immigration, which “poisoned the well and sent us into a court battle.”

“Don’t forget the rule of law and security is paramount to have that first as a confidence-building measure so people really believe the laws will be enforced so when we really do immigration reform it’s lasting,” he said.

Ryan acknowledged the immigration system is “fundamentally broken” because the U.S. does not know who is entering the U.S.

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