Request For Abstracts – Border Health and Immigration

Health Affairs is planning a theme issue on border health and immigration, to be published in July 2021. We plan to publish approximately 20 peer-reviewed articles including original research, analyses, and commentaries from leading researchers, scholars, analysts, and health care stakeholders. Health Affairs thanks the California Health Care Foundation and the Con Alma Health Foundation for their generous support of this issue.

A public health crisis is unfolding along and inside the U.S.-Mexico border. Immigrants arriving at the U.S. border are likely to have experienced political, economic, or interpersonal violence prior to their arrival, leading to unmet mental health and physical health needs. Immigrants detained at the border may face crime and violence in border towns as they await trial in the U.S., or prolonged stays in detention centers and family separations if they are able to cross the border. Immigrants in the U.S. face health challenges that extend well beyond the border.

Our issue will describe the nature of the crisis and supply new data analysis and commentary on how to address these challenges, as well as the disproportionate health burden borne by immigrants. The issue will enhance the national dialogue and draw attention to critical health policy issues by providing timely, evidence-based analyses to leaders and decision makers in the public and private sectors. We welcome submissions from authors throughout North and Central America who are studying the various dimensions of this issue, the policies involved, and their implications. We are also interested in work based on binational health data and research that incorporates the community perspective, such as community-based participatory research.

We view this as an opportunity not only to publish the latest scholarship in this area, but also to consider forward-looking pieces to help shape the future agenda on this topic, including identifying appropriate leadership roles for the public and private sectors.

By Health Affairs
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