Rep. Burgess: Border Security Must Come Before Immigration Reform

( – Rep. Michael Burgess (R-Texas) said the ongoing border crisis will end only “when it’s made a priority,” and he said border security must come before any immigration reform.

The Biden administration insists that immigration reform legislation will solve the border crisis, but “that won’t work,” Burgess told “Mornings With Maria” on Thursday:

He was speaking a day after a U.S. Border Patrol agent died in a vehicle crash while chasing a group of illegal border-crossers in Texas:

“But the tragedy of, you know, the president saying that he had more important things to do than go to the border, and this morning, a young wife is waking up without her husband children are waking up without their father.

“This is the type of human tragedy that the president, unfortunately, is deciding to endorse. We have to get security on our southern border.”

Burgess said the Texas congressional delegation will hold a news conference later this morning to unveil what they want to do to secure the border.

Host Maria Bartiromo noted that the crisis is about to get worse, when Title 42 goes away later this month and Border Patrol agents can no longer expel illegal aliens on public health grounds.

The lifting of Title 42 is expected to swell the crowd of people crossing the border to 18,000 a day, Bartiromo said. “What is that going to look like?” she asked:

“It’s going to look like absolute chaos, and nothing — nothing, underscore nothing — is being done to prepare communities in Texas and in other border states for what is going to be happening,” Burgess said.

“What happens to their school district when suddenly they’ve got double the population next September? What happens to law enforcement and their hospitals, when suddenly the population of people that is going to be needing those services vastly increases and no one warned them it was coming — except everyone knows it’s coming.

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