Reno church offers sanctuary to immigrant

RENO, Nev. (NEWS 4 & FOX 11) — A Reno church is offering sanctuary to an immigrant facing possible deportation due to a traffic ticket, which resulted in his work permit being revoked by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

During a Sunday service at Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Northern Nevada, it was officially announced that the church would become a sanctuary for David Chavez-Macias, sheltering him from deportation.

Chavez-Macias has lived in Reno for 29 years with a work permit. He recently received a traffic ticket for turning left on a red light. Consequently, ICE revoked his work permit following the incident.

Although Chavez-Macias has never missed a check-in, he fears his next appointment on Wednesday, April 5, could result in deportation.

“We stand on a cloud of our ancestors who have stood up to unjust laws for centuries in this country. We continue to do that with David,” said Rev. Neal Anderson with Unitarian Universalist. “We believe very strongly that we currently have a broken immigration system that unfortunately too often is based upon racialized policies. We as a religious community will stand against that.”

Chavez-Macias suffers from Marfan syndrome, a genetic disorder that weakens the heart. He relies on his treatment in the U.S since it is unavailable in many parts of Mexico. Therefore, his family and friends say they believe the deportation could be a death sentence.

Aria Overli with Acting in Community Together Organizing Northern Nevada (ACTIONN) said there is a misconception with deportation.

By Diane Thao for NEWS4
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