Reid: Trump Would Fail Immigration Test

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) lashed out at Donald Trump Monday, arguing the GOP nominee should have to take a U.S. naturalization test as he prepares to propose new political hurdles for immigrants hoping to come to America.

“Since Donald Trump wants to impose new tests on immigrants, he should take the one test every immigrant has to pass to become a United States citizen,” Reid said in a statement. “He would almost certainly fail, given his general ignorance and weak grasp of basic facts about American history, principles and functioning of our government.”

The outgoing Senate Democratic leader added that the billionaire “is nothing more than a spoiled, unpatriotic drain on society who has earned nothing and helped no one.”

Reid’s comments came on the same day that Trump delivered a foreign policy speech in Ohio, including proposing ideological tests for immigrants.

Trump senior policy adviser Stephen Miller told The Associated Press that he will also “describe the need to temporarily suspend visa issuances to geographic regions with a history of exporting terrorism and where adequate checks and background vetting cannot occur.”

Trump’s previous immigration proposals, including a ban on allowing Muslims to enter the United States, has sparked backlash from Democrats and his own party. Reid added Monday that Trump “works hardest at tweeting insults and ripping off hard-working people with two-bit scams.”

“Immigrants make America great. Trump makes America small, petty and mean,” he said.

The Nevada Democrat touched on recent Trump controversies, including a days-long rhetorical battle with Ghazala and Khizr Khan, whose son died while serving in Iraq. He added that Trump “plays footsie with Putin and invites the Russian government to launch cyberattacks against our country.”

By Jordain Carney for The Hill
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