Protesters ‘Vehemently Disagree’ With Program Allowing Immigration Check During Arrest

RALEIGH, N.C. — Protestors took to the streets in Raleigh Thursday afternoon in protest of 287-G, a program that allows deputies to check the immigration status of people arrested in Wake County.

Demonstrators on Thursday said they vehemently disagree with the program.

“We as a community coming together with different faiths are concerned because it is clear that 287-G runs contrary to those values we intend to uphold,” said protestor Jenny Bausch. “Implementing 287-G has led to racial profiling, family separation and increased fear within the local community.”

Initially, the demonstrators wanted to protest in front of the Wake County Detention Center, but they were met by deputies who asked them to leave the property.

The group eventually made their way to Hammond Road.

Sheriff Donny Harrison told WRAL News that he renewed the 287-G program last week. Harrison said he views the program as a way to protect the citizens of Wake County.

Demonstrators said Thursday that the program makes undocumented immigrants fearful about reporting crimes. Harrison added that the 287-G is not applied to people reporting a crime, only those arrested.

Immigration, Customs ad Enforcement has said on record that 287-G is one of its most effective programs.

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