Presidential Candidates Rally Across State, Talk Immigration

Hillary Clinton supporters wait outside a Tucson rally. March 20, 2016
Hillary Clinton supporters wait outside a Tucson rally. March 20, 2016

Arizona has been all but ignored in past presidential election campaigns, with the candidates working swing states and those with bigger numbers of party delegates and Electoral College votes.

Not this year. In the last five days, the candidates and their surrogates have been all over the state, from Flagstaff to the border at Douglas to make their pitches to the state’s voters, who decide Tuesday on party nominees.

They all spoke of foreign affairs and the economy, and because they were in Arizona, they spoke about immigration.
Republican Sen. Ted Cruz made a Friday visit to Douglas to meet with border ranchers and tour the border. He called the border a “national security crisis.”

“Nothing is more important than boots on the ground,” Cruz said. “When you detect an attempted incursion to be able to direct boots on the ground and be there quickly, not be there in six hours after they are already gone.

Cruz brought up immigration a second time at a Friday night rally in Phoenix.

Democratic Sen. Bernie Sanders visited the border Saturday morning after his Friday night rally in Tucson. He told the Tucson crowd that he supports “Dreamers,” young undocumented immigrants brought into the country as children.

Some have been granted special status by the Obama administration.

“I support President Obama’s DACA program, and that is why I would expand those programs to include the parents of Dreamers,” Sanders said.

By Christopher Conover for Arizona Public Media
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