Despite the Biden campaign’s win of the presidential bid last November, the outgoing administration is trying to stay in power. Trump’s inciting of an insurrection on Capitol Hill is evidence of his direct disregard for the rule of law. With Trump’s desire to remain in power comes his continued shaping of immigration policy. The most recent attack was on highly skilled laborers, blocking the availability of visas until March 2021.

The outgoing administration’s desire to continue dictating immigration policy is not limited to visas. Citizenship is less attainable with the introduction of a new conservatively biased naturalization exam. Asylum applicants must now overcome the “death to asylum” rule introducing new procedural and evidentiary barriers as well as legal qualifications for certain traditionally protected groups. Of course, one cannot forget Trump’s pledge to build a wall on the Mexican border. In these final days of his presidency, the Trump administration continues to award federal construction contracts for the building of the infamous wall trapping the Biden administration into contractual obligations to continue the project.

For all intents and purposes, the New Year does not feel so new to immigrants, documented and undocumented alike. With the additional strain the pandemic places disproportionately on the immigrant population, the U.S. is not so “great” anymore. Many documented and undocumented immigrants rather return to their home country. 2020 showed the highest decline of the immigrant community our nation has seen in 2 decades. Interestingly, in a world where everyone’s health is at great risk, the U.S.’s poor health care infrastructure can be a deterrent for immigrants.

Enough with 2020 and past arbitrary, discriminatory immigration policies. The Biden Administration has plans to address the myriad of immigration issues that plague our nation. They will try to put the “happy” back into the new year. We can only wait to see how effective those plans will be against the complex web of dismantling regulations intertwined in our current immigration system.

By The Immigration Post – Chief Editor

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