New Trump order banning refugees, migrants also blocked in federal court

March 15 (UPI) — A federal judge in Hawaii on Wednesday blocked implementation nationwide of President Donald Trump’s revamped executive order to ban U.S. travel for all refugees and immigrants from six predominantly Muslim countries, calling the measure “fundamentally flawed.”

In a speech to supporters in Nashville on Wednesday night, Trump called the ruling, and one that struck down his initial effort to halt travel from the Muslim countries, “an unprecedented judicial overreach.”

The controversial order was set to take effect at 12:01 a.m. Thursday.

The Hawaii case was one of three argued before federal judges Wednesday. A judge in Maryland promised to issue his ruling before Thursday’s deadline and a judge in Washington state, who halted Trump’s first immigration order, also heard oral arguments on the revised version.

Trump said the second version, signed March 6, was a “watered down” version of the first, crafted to withstand the legal challenges that prompted the first order to be struck down last month — specifically, that it applied a religious test to those seeking to enter the United States.

“A judge has just blocked our executive order on travel and refugees coming into our country from certain countries,” Trump said to loud boos from the audience. “The order he blocked was a watered down version of the first order that was also blocked by another judge and should have never been blocked to start with. This new order was tailored to the dictates of the Ninth Circuit’s — in my opinion — flawed ruling. This is, in the opinion of many, an unprecedented judicial overreach.”

Trump pledged, as he did after the first travel ban was struck down, to fight the judge’s decision in court.

“Believe me,” Trump said. “We’re going to fight this terrible ruling. We’re going to take our case as far is it needs to go, including the Supreme Court.”

By Eric DuVall for UPI
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