Muslim immigration To U.S.: Look At The Actual Facts

America is a melting pot, especially when compared to other nations around the world, including Europe. My own father and all four of my grandparents were immigrants. Their descendants include physicians, teachers, police officers, and military heroes.

On the other hand, at certain eras in the history of our nation we have had discriminatory policies that have been applied to keep out “undesirables” as defined by the times. These groups have included ethnicities such as Greeks, Asians and Jews, who are now well accepted and doing above average financially.

The current undesirable group, clearly being exploited for political gain, is the Muslims. But, what are the facts? How much of this attitude is driven by ethnic and/or religious discrimination and how much is based on a reasonable and rational interpretation of the situation?

Well, to begin with, every case is different. To be true to our ideals, America should not say that we refuse to accept all people of a certain race or religion, as has been advocated by some national politicians. For example, Muslim interpreters allied with our troops have been targeted by Isis. Should we keep them out? Obviously, we should not.

However, we do want immigrants who accept our values and way of life. Along these lines, it is essential to know what people in various Muslim nations believe regarding Sharia law.

Sharia law, for those of you unfamiliar with the term, is the Islamic term for a code of justice based on the Koran. It is promoted by the Saudis, supposedly our allies, who have historically financed anti-Western fundamentalist schools throughout the Islamic world. When we hear of people being lashed or limbs cut off in Arab countries, that happens as a result of Sharia law.

By The Citizen
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