Los Angeles schools close their doors to immigration agents

In response to the federal government raids announced at the beginning of this year to apprehend undocumented Central American immigrants, public schools in Los Angeles, where about 50 percent of the student body is Hispanic, will not allow immigration authorities to enter the campuses.

The decision taken on Tuesday by the Los Angeles Unified School District board is for all schools, from kindergarten through high school, to be declared “safe zones” and resource centers for students and families threatened by the enforcement of immigration laws.

According to the proposal presented by board president Steve Zimmer, any request by Immigration and Customs Enforcement to come onto LAUSD school property must be submitted to the superintendent and the school district’s general counsel for review.

The resolution emphasizes the need for Congress to act to reform current immigration law and states that any Los Angeles school is a safe zone for all students and their families.

ICE spokesman for the Western District Virginia Kice said in a statement that the agency considers schools and churches to be “sensitive” sites, and thus no raids or detentions are made there.

The LAUSD resolution also enourages the superintendent to increase and broaden alliances with community orgnaizations and legal services to offer resources for families facing deportation.

Thus, the school district is seeking to establish a “response network” to help children who have a relative who may be deported by immigration authorities.

By Fox Latino
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