Labor Secretary Warns of ‘Economic Crisis If We Don’t Deal with Immigration’

Labor Secretary Marty Walsh said Friday that if the legal immigration system is not addressed, it could lead to an economic crisis.

MSNBC’s Jose Diaz-Balart said that the immigration system is “disastrous,” and “if you are trying to legally immigrate to the United States, get ready to not ever get the opportunity to do so. You may die waiting to get your chance at the line.” He asked Walsh why it’s so difficult to fix the legal immigration problem.

“Because I think it’s become a partisan issue and it shouldn’t be a partisan issue. I talk to businesses all the time that maybe lean Republican, and I say to them, ‘Where are you on immigration. They’re all like we need to fix the system. Then talk to your constituents. Talk to your elected officials that you work for, that work for you on your behalf,’” Walsh told MSNBC’s “Jose Diaz-Balart Reports.”

“And I think that— I’ll give you one other example that I find baffling is, in our American university system in this country, we have immigrants that come to this country to get educated. They pay the full boat. They don’t get any breaks. They don’t get scholarships. They don’t get Pell grants,” the labor secretary said.

“They pay the full amount of money to go to college in America, and then when they graduate, only a small portion can stay because of the immigration system, the way it is. So any other country in the world, if they educated Americans, they’d want to keep them in their country because of the brainpower, but yet, here in America we tell them to leave,” he said.

“I think people confuse the immigration issue with what’s happening at the border with what the immigration issue is. It will potentially be and might be right now an economic crisis if we don’t deal with immigration. That’s something that is going to impact our economy both short term and long term,” Walsh added.

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