Issues In Depth: Immigration

With the presidential race heating up, a topic of discussion that may be brought up along the way is illegal immigration.

Trump has made his opinions known, suggesting we build a wall along the U.S. border with Mexico.

But, what do some of you think? Should our immigration laws me more strict or more harsh? We ran a small poll to get a sense.

Out of 17 people surveyed, six of you said yes, three of you said no, four of you had no opinion and four of you were categorized as other, saying the whole issue should be handle in a different way.

So what if we did have stricter immigration laws? How would this affect the job market or economy if there were some immigrants who got deported?

“In very simple terms, immigrants in the country right now fill a lot of jobs and if immigrants just all of a sudden disappear there would be a lot of roles, a lot of tasks that just simply go unfilled,” said John Deskins Director of the Bureau for Business and Economic Research and Associated Professor of Economics at West Virginia University.

“There aren’t enough people to do all the work in the country if immigrants were to disappear. For example a key area (that would be impacted) is seasonal agriculture.”

And what’s to make of the two presidential hopefuls thoughts on illegal immigration?

“There stances are pretty well-known,” said Jason MacDonald, an Associate Professor of Political Science at WVU. “Mr. Trump is in favor, as he put its, of building a wall and deporting people who are in the country illegally and Secretary Clinton is in favor of what she calls a path of citizenship.”

And will this be a hot topic as the race rolls on?

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