Iowa City City Council to vote on immigration resolution

IOWA CITY (KWWL) – Tuesday evening the Iowa City City Council will vote on a resolution for it’s stance on immigration enforcement.

The council met previously to discuss the idea of becoming a “Sanctuary City”. The general definition of being a “Sanctuary City” means a place with policies designed to protect illegal immigrants.

The idea became controversial with a large variety of responses from community members and people living outside of Iowa City.

Mayor Jim Throgmorton said he did not like the idea of being coined a “Sanctuary City,” with other council members agreeing.

“I think all it is doing is drawing more attention to the community in a potentially negative way for the very people you are trying to protect,” says Susan Mims, Council Member At-Large.

Instead, the council agreed it’s about not using city resources such as the police department to assist in detaining illegal immigrants.

In tonight’s vote, they’ll put the policy to writing determining the function of local law enforcement.

“The purpose of the Iowa City Police Department is to protect the safety of the public. The enforcement of immigration law is a responsibility of the federal government as demonstrated by the lack of local involvement in such efforts for as long as the City can remember. This resolution reaffirms that in the absence of a public safety need local resources are not devoted to the enforcement of federal immigration law,” says Item 8 of the agenda.

The meeting will take place Tuesday night at 7 p.m.

By Jalyn Souchek for KWWL.COM
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