Immigration steers HR polices of US firms

The Immigration Trends Report 2020 by Envoy Global and The Harris Poll surveyed over 400 HR professionals and found that 85% of employers expect their company’s headcount of foreign nationals to increase or remain the same in the next year.

In addition, 93% of those surveyed said that sourcing foreign nationals was important to their company’s talent acquisition strategy, while about half said filling of open positions was the primary driver in the growth of their immigration work.

At the same time, tough immigration policies were resulting in companies moving work to other countries, such as Canada.

Almost half of the employers said that hiring high-skilled talent for whom they were unable to secure work authorization in the US was the primary driver for their outbound immigration assignments.

On immigration policies, 38% said that the visa process had become more difficult under the current administration, while 71% employers said that they had sponsored a foreign employee for a green card, with 35% saying that they had sponsored more green cards over the past year.

According to the report, employers found that the demand for foreign talent increased at its most rapid pace even as the US continued to experience record low unemployment levels.

“According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 6.8 million unfilled jobs at the end of November 2019 and only 5.8 million U.S citizens seeking work, a gap that has existed for nearly two consecutive years. Meanwhile, federal immigration scrutiny remained high. Facing increased rates of requests for evidence (RFEs), case denials and policy change, many employers are now exploring alternative destinations for their foreign talent, such as Canada,” according to the report.

By Priyanka Sangani for ET TECH
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