Immigration Policy Needs An Update

I think we need to change the inscription on the Statue of Liberty because it is outdated. The inscription was true when the statue was first completed in 1876 but not anymore. The western part of the United States is now settled and we have enough people in our country. We certainly don’t need more people with little education and skills who do not speak our language. We have enough people to perform menial jobs.

The greatest economist of the 20th Century, Dr. Milton Friedman, said “You can’t have open borders in a welfare state. That statement has been proven to be correct. In 1924 our nation was concerned that we were losing our culture and national identity and changed our immigration policy. Congress was concerned that for many years people had entered our country and had not assimilated. New immigrants had not adapted to our culture or learned our language. As a result, Congress passed an immigration bill that required the 1890 U.S. Census be used as a base to allow only 2 percent per year of new immigrants from countries represented in that census. This slowed immigration almost to a halt and those who were here assimilated and learned our language.

However, in 1965 all that changed. Diversity became popular by some politicians and we let in a lot of people who were much different in religion, customs and culture than our country was at that time. The result has not been good. Many of these people, rather than adopting our ways have tried to change us. We have been stupid enough to let them and have even given them preference in hiring and access to education through “affirmative action.” We teach them English in their native tongue, changed road signs so those of us who speak English can’t even read them. We have given them access to our welfare system. We have prepared government documents in many languages for their convenience and have changed America, but not for the better.

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