Immigration Among Issues Pushing Hillary Clinton Supporters

A crowd stood on the corner in front of the Tarrant County courthouse on Miller Street, beckoning voters to cast their ballots.

“Hillary, Hillary,” they chanted as they held a Hillary Clinton banner.

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“I think immigration is huge,” said Tarrant County Democratic Party Chairwoman Deborah Peoples. “We absolutely have to create a path of immigration reform that allows many of these people to stay in the state of Texas and continue to be great Americans.”

Among those in the crowd, an immigrant woman and her granddaughter, who did not want to be identified.

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She told NBC 5 her daughter, a mother of two young girls who was here illegally, was deported.

“It felt bad because she had to leave both her daughters here,” the woman said through her granddaughter’s translation. “It’s a big change for our family.”

“Those are the kinds of tragedies that should not be happening in the United States of America,” Peoples said. “We are a nation of immigrants.”

According to Hillary Clinton’s website, her immigration plan includes comprehensive reform. She favors border security, but not in the form of a wall. Clinton supports President Obama’s deferred action for undocumented immigrants already here, with a path to citizenship. Clinton has said criminal undocumented immigrants should be deported, but favors doing what is possible to keep families of law abiding immigrants together.

By Noelle Walker for NBC5
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