Immigration Agents Continue Enforcement Even in Cities Hostile to Them

It is still pitch black Tuesday morning when a dozen agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement gather in a parking lot in northern Los Angeles, the largest and arguably most strident of America’s roughly 300 sanctuary cities.

“This is target No. 1 and this is two,” said ICE field director David Marin, pointing to rap sheets and photos of the five criminal aliens targeted for arrest that day.

The first is Carlos Sanchez, a 25-year-old Surenos gang member with a decade-long criminal history, including multiple felony convictions. All night, an ICE agent surveilled his apartment to make sure he didn’t leave.

In places like Los Angeles, which has said it would refuse to cooperate with ICE, federal agents continue to target criminal immigrants – though they do so on their own.

On Tuesday, minutes after 6 a.m., Sanchez walked to his pickup truck in the alley to head off to a construction job. In seconds, three ICE SUV’s and six agents boxed him in. Once in handcuffs, agents patted him down and checked his tattoos. Hours later, Fox News spoke to him inside an ICE detention facility, where he was being processed for deportation.

“I feel like this is unfair right now,” he said, his ankles still bound by steel cuffs. “I’m getting my life back together, trying to do everything right. Back then I was young and stupid. Now I’m 25 years old.”

Sanchez referred to his two DUI convictions, two drug convictions and two deportations to Mexico. He blamed that day’s arrest on President Trump’s crackdown on criminal aliens.

“What Trump is doing is just insanity. You know, just because you got misdemeanors…little cases here and there,” he said. “He doesn’t see the fact that you’re trying to straighten up.”

The city and county of Los Angeles each voted to appropriate $3 million in public funds to help defend illegal immigrants like Sanchez, including those with criminal records.

By William Lajeunesse for FOX News U.S.
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