Hillary: These Obama Immigration Raids Are Just Awful, Aren’t They?

In the run-up to the State of the Union, what with all of the other madness going on, it was easy to let some of the less “hair on fire” stories fall through the cracks, but there is still an undercurrent of unrest in the Democrat primary. It’s becoming something of a popcorn event to watch Hillary Clinton continue to try to get to the left of Bernie Sanders as one poll after another shows that she might actually have a fight on her hands. (Well… at least in the first two states anyway.)

That battle swung back to the immigration front on Monday. The President, to his credit, has had ICE executing some raids to round up illegal immigrants and deport them over the past couple of weeks and that’s got his base up in arms. Bernie Sanders and others were quick to send written notices to Barack Obama, letting him know that enforcing our immigration laws is not what the Democrat Party is about and that he needs to stop them post haste. Never one to be left out in the cold these days, Hillary Clinton jumped on the bandwagon. (Washington Post)

Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton on Monday stepped up criticism of the Obama administration’s new policy of rounding up and deporting families who entered the United States illegally, joining her two rivals for the Democratic nomination who had previously done so.

“I do not think the raids are an appropriate tool to enforce the immigration laws. In fact, I think they are divisive. They are sowing discord and fear,” Clinton said at the Iowa Brown & Black Forum. She added that immigration enforcement “has to be done individually by individually,” and not through “mass raids.”

By JAZZ SHAW for Hot Air
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