Fusion Targets Ryan, Entire Republican Brand on Immigration

Leave it to Fusion, Univision’s sister English-language network, to once again find a way to smear House Speaker Paul Ryan and all Republicans when covering the Speaker’s latest statements on U.S. immigration policy.

The network’s report on Ryan’s remarks, titled Top Republican says some shockingly reasonable things about undocumented immigrants, paints the Speaker as out of step with most Republicans on immigration and specifically faults him for not working with President Obama to pass immigration reform legislation.

“The only problem with Speaker’s Ryan’s more inclusive vision of the Republican Party is that the two leading GOP presidential hopefuls, Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz, disagree with his views,” writes Fusion’s Jorge Rivas. “That, and the speaker himself has refused to address immigration reform while President Obama is still in office,” Rivas adds.

Aside from the fact that Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump actually agrees with Ryan in terms of giving many of the undocumented currently in the country “the ability to get right with the law, to come in and earn a legal status,” Rivas’ characterization of Ryan being out of step with what most other Republicans say on the matter is also actually quite far off, and he is simply parrotting the standard liberal line on the subject.

Multiple scores of GOP senators and members of Congress support immigration reform and always have. They have found an untrustworthy and uncooperative partner, however, in the Obama administration, which has been systematically and unilaterally nullifying standing federal immigration statutes and law enforcement.

Paul Ryan’s pro-legalization position is actually not at all unusual. According to several reputable polls, it’s a position held by a majority of Republicans.

By Daniel Garza for MRC News Busters
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