Facebook Deletes Page of Swedish Immigration Critic, Reactivates It After Backlash

Facebook has made clear yet again that it will not allow certain ideas on its platform after it deleted the page of a Swedish expert for the Gatestone Institute who wrote an article criticising European migration policy.

Ingrid Carlqvist, Gatestone’s Swedish expert, posted a video on the site called ‘Sweden’s Migrant Rape Epidemic,’ which laid out the facts and statistics following the influx of millions of migrants throughout the continent.

The video was in fact a summary of a research paper published by Gatestone last year, and has attracted over 80,000 views in other two days.

However in light of a ferocious backlash in the Swedish media, the site reactivated Ingrid’s account but failed to explain why it had taken the decision in the first place.

The controversy comes after Facebook announced that it would work alongside the European Union and other social media giants, would seek to ‘ban illegal hate speech across Europe.’

The incident will also do little to restore Facebook’s damaged reputation for censorship, having been found to have been suppressing conservative voices and amplifying left-wing movements such as Black Lives Matter.

It also comes after Mark Zuckerberg reportedly told German Chancellor Angela Merkel, (the woman responsible for the mass wave of migration into Europe,) that it would crack down on anti-migrant sentiments being expressed on the platform.

By Ben Kew for BreitBart
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