California Police Chief Could Lose Job For Following Federal Immigration Law

Oakland Police Chief Anne Kirkpatrick is now the subject of an internal affairs investigation after she helped federal agents arrest an illegal immigrant. Why is she in such hot water? Because Oakland is a sanctuary city.

What’s the backstory?

According to Kirkpatrick’s account, she sent her officers to assist federal ICE agents in a human trafficking operation in August, but informed the federal officials that her officers would not be making any arrests. Instead, the Oakland officers simply engaged in traffic enforcement, blocking the streets for the immigration agents so they could continue their operation safely. Oakland officers did not participate in the operation itself.

During the trafficking bust, two adults were detained — one of whom is now undergoing deportation proceedings, according to Though it is unclear whether Kirkpatrick had any prior knowledge that federal agents would be detaining an illegal immigrant, city officials questioned why no criminal charges were ever filed after a task that was designated a human trafficking operation.

Kirkpatrick told residents in a September town hall meeting that her officers did not engage in any investigation pertaining to illegal immigrants.

“There is not a deportation matter in this case,” Kirkpatrick told the audience at the time.

What now?

After a formal complaint from a city commissioner and questioning from angry city council members, Oakland Police Department spokeswoman Officer Johnna Watson confirmed to that the matter was now the subject of an internal investigation and she could not comment further.

Oakland city officials voted unanimously in July to fully revoke authorization for city police to participate in operations led by the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

By Sara Gonzales for THE BLAZE
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