Brexit Campaigners Make Immigration Their Battleground

After one apocalyptic warning after another about the potential economic impact of Brexit, those wanting out are highlighting the impact of free movement

Late November 2014 was not the busiest time for news.

The most striking images, in the BBC’s week in pictures, included Lewis Hamilton clutching his girlfriend Nicole Sherzinger after winning his second F1 world championship and a Snoopy balloon floating down Sixth Avenue during a Thanksgiving parade.

But amid it all was a speech by the prime minister which we ought to remember. On 27 November, David Cameron declared that he would “rule nothing out” if he failed to achieve significant reforms in his renegotiation with the EU.

It is difficult now to imagine that the prime minister was hinting that he would be prepared to campaign for Britain to leave the EU. He is now the figurehead of a campaign that is rolling out one apocalyptic warning after another about the potential impact of Brexit.

The Tory leader has even won the strong support of two presidents – Barack Obama (sending us to the “back of the queue” on trade) and François Hollande (ready to tear up a bilateral agreement that would push the British border from Calais to Kent).

here are, of course, sensible counter arguments. Chris Grayling reminds us that we do not have a trade deal with the US now, but everything seems okay, and French and British cabinet members all seem to agree that Le Touquet agreement would stay because it is in both country’s interests.

By Anushka Asthana for The Guardian
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