Border Patrol Agents: Hillary Clinton Immigration Plan ‘Reckless, Radical And Deeply Dangerous’

The union representing 16,500 Border Patrol agents says Hillary Clinton’s immigration agenda would exceed the lawlessness of President Barack Obama’s “abysmal record”on immigration and leave Americans vulnerable.

“Clinton’s plan is another troubling example of her eagerness to ignore the inconvenient truth that we live in dangerous times,” the National Border Parol Union issued in a statement Thursday. “She continues to put the desires of social elites above the deafening choir of hard-working everyday citizens who are demanding real border security. We can no longer afford to weaken border security and hope for the best. Clinton’s Immigration Plan is dangerous, and may win her fringe voter support at the risk of every family’s security.”

Clinton is slated to accept the Democratic nomination for president Thursday night. The National Border Parol Union’s statement, issued in advance of her address to the Democratic National Committee, takes a hatchet to not only Clinton’s plans but also Obama’s immigration legacy.

“History will not look kindly on President Obama’s border security policies and his conscientious efforts to mislead the American people. Historians may refer to this period as the ‘Era of No Consequences,’ which resulted in the increase of dangerous drugs like meth and heroin, as well as criminal aliens flooding our communities,” the union explained.

According to the union, the administration’ efforts to mask the dilution of immigration law, in order to implement amnesty programs for illegal immigrants, is its “biggest — and deadliest — lie.”

“The truth is that those living in the U.S. illegally were less likely to be deported than under any previous administration,” the National Border Patrol Council explained.

By CAROLINE MAY for Breitbart
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