Angry Corbyn tells Trump to “grow up” over immigration

Jeremy Corbyn stepped up his attack on Donald Trump today when he told the president-elect to “grow up” over key issues such as immigration.

The Labour leader criticised Trump’s “absurd and abusive” language towards Muslims and demanded he recognise the contribution made by migrant workers to the US economy.

It is the third time Corbyn has spoken out in recent days over the election of the billionaire property mogul, who triumphed over Hillary Clinton with a mixture of populist rhetoric and promises of curbs on immigration, as well as a notorious promise to build a wall on the border with Mexico.

Corbyn criticised Trump’s “populist agenda” which, he said, blamed Muslims, Mexicans, women and “pretty much everyone else” apart from the corporate America which he “represents”.

“Donald Trump should grow up and recognise the American economy depends on migrant labour”, Corbyn said on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show.

Corbyn also spoke out about the reaction of his wife, who is from Mexico, to the surprise election of Trump.

He said she felt “absolute anger and outrage” over Trump’s plan for the border wall, the funding of which must be paid for by Mexico, according to the Republican.

“I’m looking forward to the conversation between my wife and Donald Trump,” Corbyn added.

The interview with Marr came after it emerged that Theresa May was only the 11th world leader spoken to by Trump after his success in Tuesday’s election.

Nigel Farage, the interim UKIP leader, met Trump this weekend while the Tories face increasing pressure at home over their plans for trade agreements in the aftermath of Brexit.

Corbyn today told Marr that he had been working on potential “fair trade agreements” with other nations and highlighted his planned summit with socialist parties – some of whom are in government or coalition – to be held in February.

Labour is “putting forward an alternative economic reality,” Corbyn added.

By PETER EDWARDS for LabourList
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