Americans Weigh In On Quality Of Life, Muslims And Immigration In New Pew Study

Life today is worse than it was 50 years ago, say nearly half of registered voters surveyed over the past few weeks.

Overall, 46 percent of registered voters say that life is worse now than it was half a century ago “for people like them.” That compares with 34 percent who say life is better; 14 percent consider it about the same. That is among the findings from a Pew Research Center poll released Thursday.

Republican and Republican-leaning voters are more than twice as likely as Democratic voters to say life in this country has gotten worse (66 percent to 28 percent).

Breaking it down by presidential candidate supporters, 75 percent in the Donald Trump camp say life for people like them has gotten worse. For those favoring Ted Cruz, it’s 63 percent while 54 percent of John Kasich supporters feel the same way.

Views are more positive on the Democrat side, where 34 percent of Bernie Sanders supporters see life worse today while only 22 percent of Hillary Clinton followers feel that way.

The Pew survey was conducted March 17-27 among 2,254 adults, including 1,787 registered voters.

Overall, there has been no increase in voter anger toward the federal government since before the start of the presidential campaign. Currently, 22 percent of registered voters say they are “angry” at the federal government, while 59 percent are “frustrated” and 17 percent “basically content.”

Breaking it down by party, 35 percent of Republicans express anger at the government, most notably among those who support Trump, while just 10 percent of Democrats share that view.

When it comes to immigration, 57 percent of all registered voters say that immigrants in the U.S. strengthen the country because of their hard work and talents, while 35 percent label them a burden, saying they take jobs, housing and health care. Republican voters are more than three times more likely than Democrats to view immigrants as a burden (56 percent compared to 17 percent).

By Doug Moore for St. Louis Post
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