Will the Wall Bring About Our Fall?

As the Republican Party licks its wounds after the recent defeat of its effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act, a new battle looms on the immigration front. Opponents of U.S. President Trump’s border wall are gearing up for a fight. The Trump administration has already limited its initial building budget proposal for the wall to $1 billion USD. According to Kopan and Landers of CNN, there is no real plan for the proposed wall and its ultimate cost will be between $12 and $ 21 billion. The question still remains… why do we need the wall anyway?

If we look at our neighbors over the Atlantic, the UK’s “Brexit” may provide some indication for the America’s future. According to the Colson at the Business Insider UK, The Britons are trying to negotiate free trade without the free circulation of workers. Yet, the EU finds that hard to swallow. 3 million Europeans risk a messy expulsion from the UK while, ironically, the 1.3 million Briton in the EU are protected from “collective expulsion of foreigners” by the European Convention on Human Rights.

Of further concern for the Brits is the rise in nationalism that has sprung up throughout the U.K. The Scotts have decided to have an independence referendum to loosen the Brits hold and try to remain members of the EU. Ireland may be resurrecting the religious “walls” that existed prior to 1998 between north and south. As the UK withdraws from Europe, the Kingdom may be collapsing as its members in turn withdraw from the Kingdom. That should be reason enough for the U.S. to pause.

What if the “sanctuary states” and those favoring their position banded together to form a new Sanctuary Nation? One could envision the rise of the self-identifying bi-partisan- free-trade-immigrant loving-internationalist Americans. After all, the current government and the 36% of the population supporting it do not seem to want the same United States of America as the majority of the nation. The great melting pot of the world is being reduced to naught. Down with diverse, thriving multicultural, societies. According to Blinken in the Chicago Tribune, Mr. Bannon, President Trump’s right hand advisor, believes America is and should be culturally “White Christian.” So everyone else should self-deport. Well…. that’s not going to happen. On the other hand, all Trump policies and defunding of the federal government could, in time, weaken the Federal government and the union, leaving room for advocates of a constitutional amendment for secession. Of course those states would want to take their thriving, multicultural, economic power-house, wall-free cities with them.

According to the Pew Research Center only 39% of American find any importance in building a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico. Yet, Mr. Trump’s proposed budget, while cutting $54 billion to essential federal social programs in the U.S., sets aside $1 Billion for a wall.

Perhaps, someone should remind President Trump that Humpty once sat on a wall also. No one was able to put him back together after his fall.

The Immigration Post – Chief Editor

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