Welcome (April Fools), This is America

While, Childish Bambino’s lyrics from “This is America” portrays a nation that is hostile to its black population, a quick nod towards our southern border is a reminder that American hostility extends also to new arrivals. Migrants families are shamelessly being detained by Border Control in an open area under a bridge in El Paso Texas. This is not surprising considering that the U.S. has the largest incarceration rate in the world (With only 4.4% of the world’s population, we have 22% of the world’s detainee population.).

This Administration’s policies have not worked as a deterrent to the thousands of migrants burgeoning at our south west border on a weekly basis. In fact, Border Control cannot actually handle the current wave of people seeking relief as they enter the U.S. Our welcome to the U.S. includes frigid nights sleeping under a bridge, with gravel as a bed, while waiting to be processed.

Trump’s response? Close borders. The U.S. President thinks this will be a “profit- making operation.” This despite the warnings that the 1.7 Billion USD of daily U.S.- Mexico trade will be jeopardized. Trump’s math just does not add up.

That is not the only idea that is floating around the White House. Trump also wants to stop foreign aid to Latin American countries. Once again Trump’s math does not add up here. For some reason he believes that if we refuse to help people in their countries then they will remain there, under worse circumstances than when they had aid, and not attempt to come to the U.S. Wrong! More migrants will come to our borders.

Let’s just stop the “Got-ya” immigration policy. Someone walked through the border …  “Got-ya!” Someone overstayed their visa… “Got-ya!” Someone filed for permanent residency while they were here on a temporary visa, violating dual-intent… “Got-ya!” Instead, let’s put in place an immigration system that works.

Let’s try a system that looks more like this:  Someone demonstrates drive and overcomes great physical and psychological challenges to successfully make it to America…. Welcome! Someone shows a high level of work ethic in the effort, time and ingenuity they put into their jobs…Welcome! Someone who believes in family and community and leaves their home to join their spouse and children already in the U.S…Welcome! Someone wants to use their creativity and talent to pursue new ideas in business or art… Welcome!

Welcome, this is America!

By The Immigration Post – Chief Editor

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