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France’s recent 66% land slide elections for the centrist presidential candidate Macron and against the far right, anti-immigrant Le Pen is a testament of the French people’s love for their country. Although, dissatisfied with political elites, the French have shown the rest of the world that its nation will unite from across all party lines against any movement that violates the French sense of identity. Core to that identity is the French Republic and democracy.

According to James Mc Auley in the Washington Post 58% of the French find that Le Pen’s far right nationalist party represents a threat to democracy. Unlike Great Britain and the United States, the French have the historical memory of being governed by a Nazi collaborating extremist government. They do not want to experience that type of regime again. They also have implemented a highly successful social net that dampens the effects of the growing divide between the rich and the poor. They actually like their country which sits as the physical cross roads of Europe.

If it were only true that one could measure the potential of an individual, their contribution to society and their legacy based on one’s nationality, then all the anti-immigrant language circling in nationalist groups around the world could be right. But they are wrong. Great human potential is not limited to just one country, culture or race. Human potential is a gift given to us all. This is a principal the French seem to have understood despite their deep concerns regarding the benefits of immigration.

As the U.S. continues to implement ant-immigration practices, we observe a decline in our nation’s human potential. Paul Davidson of USA Today reported that a Federal Reserve official identified the slowdown of U.S. GDP as a result of U.S. immigration policy. This is just one negative consequence among many other social and community implications U.S. immigration policy creates.

The French centrist vote demonstrates that love of nation is much more than mere customs such as drinking wine, eating pork sausage and wearing bikinis. Defending French values englobes defending liberty, equality, and brotherhood.

The French love their nation and we, as Americans, certainly do also.

The Immigration Post – Chief Editor

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