The Spirit of Faith

As I write today, I contemplate and celebrate the great human spirit. I happen to be sitting in the country many of my ancestors once called home. Some of those ancestors themselves were the offspring of those born in other nations. I ponder what great force can make people physically uproot and leave what they know in search for a mere idea. The only answer I can find is “Faith.” As our country continues its debate on how to dismantle the immigrants’ “Faith,” a faith so strong that it transcends political barriers, we fail to appreciate the actual force we reckon with.

This week the House has passed two strict Immigration bills that will most likely meet opposition in the Senate. Only days earlier the Supreme Court decided to hear arguments pertaining to Mr. Trump’s travel ban and partially allowed sections of its obscure language to stand. Both of these actions further deepens the divide in our nation and fuels the ongoing debate.

I would much rather our nation identify and aim to harness the force that comes our way in the form of a diverse populations. An intellectual community. A powerful work force. Social builders. Determined minds. Ambitious hearts. Thirsty souls. Strong people. Believers. This similarly was done by the great ancient civilizations, from Babylon, to Egypt to Rome.

I refuse to believe that the nation of the great idealists, dreamers and conquerors who sought the unknown can now succumb to petty fear; ironically, fear of the unknown. If our forefathers could shout from their graves, would not their shout compel us to overcome, conquer such fear and demand our loyalty to their legacy? How can we stand whimpering as ants before elephants that the land is being overrun by the unknown? Or have the voices of our nation been high jacked by the weasels whose only interest is to steal the nation’s hopes and riches for themselves?

It would be a travesty of humanity for our great nation to accept the lies that prick the hearts of the fearful. Americans are not afraid. Americans have all come from afar. Americans do not fear the unknown, they embrace it. Americans are a people of a great “Faith.” Americans ARE immigrants.

The Immigration Post – Chief Editor

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