The Problem with Nationalism

Just last week, Mr. Trump touted his belief in nationalism, a term used to describe pro-white political philosophy. It is anti-non-white. It is anti- non-Trumpist. It is anti-immigrant. Mr. Trump said he knows he “should not” use the term, implying he knows its true connotation. Yet, he did use it. He knows what those spoken words implicate and so do his followers. It is a call to action.

For one Florida man it meant sending bombs to several perceived Democratic supporters of immigrant rights. For a Philadelphia man it meant the killing of 11 Jewish worshipers last Saturday morning also perceived supporters of refugee rights. For many others it is a rallying cry to vote next Tuesday against open U.S. immigration policies. And vote they will because they are believers in Trump.

While, generally, many people do not know the true political weight of the word nationalist, many Trump supporters do. So, when just 3 days after the horrific killings in Pittsburg, Mr. Trump unveils his plan to further attack the rights of anyone of diverse origins born in the U.S. with an executive order repealing birth-rights, he is acquiescing to those acts of inherent hatred.

Let us not make the error of assuming that this administration’s recent maneuvers are just political ploys to win midterm votes. This is so much more. While in 2016, white- Americans may have signed a new social contract, now they have affirmed a new religion based on a not-so-new belief system: bigotry. The 2016 social contract may have allowed a white, rich, unqualified candidate to take control of the most powerful government on our planet in exchange for affirming the white social privilege. The situation has morphed. Today we face a growing congregation of believers. Believers in a system of privilege for those who “belong”, and rejection and oppression of those who are different. Their belief is so steadfast; they will kill for it.

The only truth they believe in comes from the mouth of Trump. He is the god of the disgruntled white-American. The white-American who has been told to hate and fear anyone who is different as well as the white-American who he has told “your vote does not count.” If Trump or his cohorts say it, it must be true. Not even a consortium of opposition from Christian pastoral leadership can stand in the face of this breed of American. The American moral compass is lost.

For a nation built on the backs of slaves abducted from foreign nations and who has historically benefitted from the drive and hunger of millions of immigrants earnestly finding ways to better themselves, this is a travesty. For a nation who benefited from the free circulation of persons and did not even have a restrictive immigration policy until 1882, this is pure hypocrisy.

The American legacy is being raped and pillaged by those who wish to redefine our history and heritage. They wish to blot out the great American “melting-pot” from the annals of history. They wish to redefine America as white. We, the people of the United States of America come from every nation, creed and tongue. That is what makes America great. We need to send the message to Pennsylvania Avenue. We, all of us, are the people of the United States of America. Vote to save America!

By The Immigration Post – Chief Editor

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