Progressives’ Leader in the House Wants DACA Amnesty, ICE Freeze in 2019

Democratic legislators want to amnesty DACA migrants, weaken border barriers and slash migration-law enforcement if they win a majority in the House, according to the New York Times.

Washington State Rep. Pramila Jayapal, the likely leader of the party’s 75-strong Congressional Progressive Caucus, told the newspaper

I have notions about the easy things. To me, that’s the Dream Act [for 3 million illegals]. Some reversal of the family-separation policy [at the border]. The real question, though, is what can we do that dramatically reins in enforcement?”

Jayapal is an Indian immigrant who uses her House seat to advocate for the interests of foreigners, despite the harms done to 250 million Americans. A major share of the Americans’ wages, salaries, security and wealth have been transferred via cheap-labor migration and outsourcing up to investors, executives, privileged progressives, and government employees.

The article described Jayapal’s focus on migrants’ interests in her Seattle -based district:

In mid-August, I followed Jayapal through a typical day of talking to her constituents, a fast-moving schedule that included consoling a young Latino house painter who had taken refuge in a Seattle church to avoid deportation and accompanying a Mexican dance instructor and his family to the regional headquarters of ICE to request a stay in his deportation proceedings. The congresswoman had also spent much of her morning with 15 local immigration advocates. Many of them had known Jayapal for years; one had been arrested with her while protesting Obama’s deportation policies back in 2010. “I’d love to hear what you all are seeing on the ground,” she began, “but also to start to think about what next year looks like, should we take back the House. We haven’t been able to put forward a proactive immigration policy — we’ve been so reactive. So we need to show what our strategy is. We need to think about what an immigration policy looks like.”

By Nel Munro for BREITBART
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