It Is Not Easy For Immigrants To Adapt To American Culture

Tuesday, November 8th, 2016. This is the day that Donald Trump, an American businessman, took the new title as not only a politician but the newly elected president of the United States of America. Since that shocking evening, millions of Americans have acknowledged the fact that the topic of immigration has been given an exceeding gravity within every one of its related discussions, one to be avoided to evade conflict.

With millions of immigrants fearing for their sanctuary in what is known as the “American Dream”, it seems only appropriate to further explore the legal, social, and emotional challenges faced when one is to take it upon his or herself to pack up their lives in an overflowing suitcase and ship it, along with themselves, to the United States.

In fact, to further the real-world accuracies of these issues, I have decided to incorporate direct quotes from my family who moved from Calgary, Alberta, Canada to Johns Creek, Georgia, USA.

What if I told you that this “line” does not exist?

Many argue that having the condemned status of “illegal immigrant” deserves zero justifications because it is only fair to wait in line for legal documents like everyone else.

What if I told you that this “line” does not exist? The process of becoming a legal permanent resident in the United States is one full of numerous lines that take months, and potentially years, to get to the front of. From paperwork to vaccinations, to photos, to fingerprints, to more paperwork, there are dozens of lines that are required to get into to even consider becoming legal.

In addition, becoming a legal resident is not something that many government officials add to the top of their priority list as exemplified by Richard Kapteyn who stated that “it just seemed a little rigorous will all the vaccinations we had to do, all the legal documents to fill out. .they lost some of our paperwork and we had to redo it”.

By Madison Kapteyn for The Pavlovic Today
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