No More Immigrants, The Real Trump Agenda

As news spreads recently of the acquittal of an undocumented immigrant in California who was charged with murder and manslaughter, the Trump administration, once again, seeks to manipulate hate and anti-immigrant sentiments across the nation. While our deepest sympathies are with the family for their loss, “we have a system of laws “ to coin a Trump Administration’s favorite phrase and we must respect the jury’s decision.

The Trump Administration’s tweets and public announcements denouncing the binding decisions of our Courts equates to political interference and resembles those regularly made by questionable despots and leaders in non-democratic, dictator-run nations. A close look shows Trump defies numerous Federal Court’s decisions to stay his Travel ban. In fact, Mr. Trump’s own recent tweets of anti-Muslim videos are undermining his defense that the bans do not contain any animus toward Muslims. Trump also undermined a Court decision when he pardoned a convicted former sheriff who illegally, hunted, detained and tortured undocumented immigrants in Arizona.

In undermining our legal system, this Administration is promoting the idea that justice is only right if it serves the Trump agenda. What is that agenda? The whitening of America and the Christianization of U.S. public institutions.

Recent decisions to end TPS programs and deport hundreds of thousands of immigrants legally present in the U.S. is a departure from past U.S. policy to deport criminal immigrants. This policy shift does not make sense given that the decision will cause the U.S. to lose over $164 billion in GDP in the next 10 years. Further, the Administration can barely afford to deport criminal immigrants from the U.S. let alone legal immigrants.

Unless of course, the real agenda is the whitening of America. Then, regardless of immigrant status, the Trump Administration’s message is loud and clear. Immigrants, people of color: you are not welcome here. Mr. Trump, that is not the great America of our fore founders. This is not the America we want.

By The Immigration Post – Chief Editor

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