Local Group Calls for Aurora City Council to Act on Immigrant Rights

Tracey Sherman-Falcon of Aurora attends a rally on immigrant rights Sunday at North River Street Park in Aurora. (Linda Girardi / The Beacon-News)The leader of an immigrant rights group said the Aurora City Council should have the “political courage” to pass an ordinance to safeguard immigrants in the city.

Chuck Adams, executive director of Indivisible Aurora, made his call at a rally for the rights of immigrants and refugees Sunday at North River Street Park in Aurora.

“We are going to fight back,” Adams said, concerning recent initiatives from the Trump administration on immigration.

About 100 people attended the two-hour rally.

“The victims of this insidious political posturing are vulnerable citizens already fighting to move from the margins of our society,” Adams said.

He said Indivisible Aurora advocates that Aurora adopt the ACLU’s policies and rules to protect immigrants and refugees.

“We organized the rally to inform people that this is a real issue and not an abstract discussion. There is something we can do,” Adams said.

Adams said the ACLU’s “Freedom Cities” initiative could be bundled into a single city ordinance for passage by the City Council.

“We appeal to the empathy of those who serve on the Aurora City Council empowered with the ability to ensure the safety of this community and protection of all of its citizens,” Adams said. “In the last local election we learned a great deal about how much some of our politicians love Aurora. But there is a difference between loving Aurora and actually loving Aurorans.”

Adams said his group has spoken to members of the City Council about adopting the initiatives.

“We need to get this introduced for public discussion and debate,” he said.

Ed Yohnka, director of communications and public policy for ACLU-Illinois, said the group will continue to challenge Trump’s policies.

By Linda Girardi for Chicago Tribune
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