Immigration Stalemate

Two years ago, prior to Trump’s election to office, United States immigration policy experts were discussing possible immigration reform. After a 2-year roller coaster of anti-immigrant policies being implemented, the nation now stands at a stalemate with regards to immigration policy.

This administration has implemented a travel ban, ended protection for DACA recipients, decreased the number of refugees allowed to come in to the United States, rebuffed and diminished migrants’ opportunities to apply for asylum, separated migrant children from their parents at border crossings. In addition, the administration has implemented internal procedural methods to make legal immigration more arduous and cumbersome.

Fortunately, with the Democratic takeover of the House in the recent mid-term elections, the Federal Courts have gained an ally to check and balance the power of this administration with regards to its immigration policy. The scrutiny of the House will ensure that policies are examined for both integrity and conformity with core American values and liberties. It can also ensure that there will be limits put in place for funding of polices that do not encapsulate those beliefs. And yes, the Courts are still fighting. A federal Court recently curbed Trump’s illegal attempt to redefine asylum laws.

As we contemplate a new year 2019, immigration reform proponents must expect retaliation from the White House. This most likely will be in the form of a government shutdown. Why? Trump still want’s a wall and will not tolerate being told he can’t have one by Democrats.

Is there any hope for a consensus on immigration policy in the new year? We will have to wait and continue to remind our representatives what matters to us. But if history is a guide, eventually immigration reform will come… whether Trump and supporters like it or not.

By The Immigration Post – Chief Editor

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