Immigration Ping-Pong

Last month, at the State of the Union address, President Trump stated “I want people to come into our country in the largest numbers ever… After the implementation of anti-immigrant polices over the past two years, this statement takes a swing at immigrants because there is no convincing evidence of this administration’s alleged new found desire to increase Immigration to the U.S. This administration is playing the political game of immigration ping–pong but this is not a game and a recent CNBC pole shows Americans have immigration policy at the top of their list of issues to resolve.

Immigration policy concerns 19 million people working at jobs created by immigrants. It concerns $4.8 trillion in revenue collected from immigrant running businesses in the U.S. Immigrant policy also concerns the businesses that fuel our economy and are unable to find skilled workers to fillover 85,000 jobs in the U.S. It concerns the increasing number of migrants fleeing persecution in their native countries seeking asylum in the U.S. despite the anti-immigrant rhetoric spuing from U.S. politicians. Immigration policy affects the 250,000 people we have protected for decades, and who are now parents of U.S. children, whom the administration has arbitrarily tried to evict from our borders. Immigration policy affects the lives of thousands of unknown children, separated from their parents at the border when they escaped to America seeking refuge and a chance to live. It affects 5 month babies being held in detention centers on our southern border. It concerns the death of children held in a U.S. immigration detention center. Immigration policy concerns almost 1 million Dreamers, whose American dream politicians have stolen. Immigration policy is not a game.

Trump’s ping-pong support for immigrants may just be another addition to his over 8,000 lies told since the beginning of his presidency. Although he speaks to his fans who enjoy his reality – T.V. show-like -presidency, the rest of us must galvanize ournation around sound values. Values from which resonate the importance we place on the concerns of real people, immigrant or not.

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