Immigrants Blood

Immigrants pay the price with their lives as the White House tries to smoke screen it’s in-house fighting and Shenanigans with a renewed anti-immigrant agenda. It appears that the U.S. President promotes the use of terror tactics both in White House operations as well as against U.S. immigrants. As reported in the in the New York Times, Mr. Trump revived his anti-immigrant stance this week.

The current Administration’s self-preservationist and self-edifying behavior will not create a climate suitable for clear examination, discussion and resolution of the current U.S. immigration crisis. Even the political capital, which could easily be generated with immigration reform, is of no interest to a political head bent on promoting nothing else but “Trumpism” and extremist politics… Dommage!

A federal court found the actions of a former Phoenix sheriff, employing immigration patrol and detention tactics, to be in defiance of the federal court order. This very same sheriff was also sanctioned for his actions by voters who ousted him during the last elections in November 2016. What was the Mr. Trump’s response to the former sheriff’s criminal conviction? Make a deal with several Texas counties, encouraging sheriffs of 18 counties to participate in the Federal government’s role of immigration enforcement and thus putting many more immigrants at risk of further human and civil rights violations. This is the very situation that caused a sheriff and his department to find themselves under investigation and the former sheriff to ultimately face a criminal conviction.

Although often reiterated, our government is not seriously considering our economic need for immigration. How many more lives will have to be lost for this issue to be addressed? History has regularly shown us that too many will have to die before we truly seek a resolution to the great crises of our time.

As we bury our dead-unwanted-immigrants, rest assured other nations are not dormant. While the U.S. concedes its opportunity to harness the immeasurable value of the immigrant movement our neighbor to the North is vying for our place. As the American Dream becomes another nation’s dream, that nation will grow and prosper. Where studies show the U.S, risks decline, Canada will grow.

Now, considering Canada’s greatly loved political head, the welcoming immigration policies and their desire to harness the great immigration potential for growth and prosperity, we may all, someday, need to consider obtaining Canadian residency. I hope they will still be more favorable to immigrants than we were.

The Immigration Post – Chief Editor

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