Home of the Brave Immigrant

Francis Scott Key famously coined the term “home of the brave” as he witnessed the survival of a war-torn American flag at twilight after a massive military bombardment of Fort Henry in Maryland in 1814. As he noted the slave who fought for the “land of the free” in 1814, today he would have had to notice the over 65,000 immigrants who currently serve in the U.S. armed forces.

The U.S. fails to find sufficient numbers of recruits to fill its military ranks. The recruitment of immigrants has been critical for filling many highly skilled roles the military has.

On Memorial Day many Americans gathered in their homes and communities to celebrate and honor our military service men and women. It is only fitting that we at Immigration Post salutes all the immigrants, both documented and undocumented who join in the fight to secure our way of life,… those who put their bodies on the line to guarantee our safety and ability to live in the pursuit of happiness. Yet, our nation fails by deporting these men and women who had faith in our nation. Many of these veterans served, having been promised citizenship but instead they were deported even after an honorable discharge.

Our country already struggles to up hold the dignity and respect of its veterans, who return from war to a country that is clueless as to the sacrifices they have made and to the continued struggles that weigh on each veteran trying to readjust to civilian life. Those deported immigrant veterans have it worse. They are sent to a foreign land, many without resources, and unable to find medical, social or psychological support to reintegration to civilian life. Of course, the current administration finds their artist voices of protest to be a nuisance.

But the cause of immigrant U.S. veterans is just and true, for what is our nation without their much needed service?

To all the veterans, we say…thank you for your service.

By The Immigration Post – Chief Editor

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