Hillary Clinton Talks Immigration, Healthcare, Foreign Policy—And Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton addressed several issues pressing the Trump administration Friday, commenting on healthcare, immigration, foreign policy, and more during a candid discussion at the Women in the World summit in Manhattan.

“We deserve to see the Mueller report,” said Clinton, referring to the special counsel investigation’s report that Attorney General William Barr is currently redacting for release.

“If there is material that for whatever reason should not be shared publicly, it should be shared with the Congress,” she continued. Clinton also added that Barr’s behavior shows he “considers his principal duty to be protecting Donald Trump, not protecting the rule of law and the democracy the Justice Department should be defending.”

Being that Friday marked four years since Clinton launched her 2016 bid for the presidency, she reflected on how she and Trump approach America’s issues differently.

“I was well aware that we have problems that we have to solve, but it’s been my experience that anger, resentment, prejudice are not strategies. They stop people from thinking,” said Clinton. “There are people who absolutely feel left out, unheard, dismissed, marginalized, but what we’ve got to try to do is to appeal to everybody.”

Although she declined to comment on any of the 2020 Democratic candidates, Clinton said she is “absolutely delighted to see this incredibly diverse field, and especially to have more than one woman running for president of the United States.”

In regard to healthcare, Clinton spoke highly of countries with mixed systems, where the government takes the primary responsibility for healthcare but private plans are also available. As for Medicare for All, she said, “I’m all in favor of setting that goal. The specifics, though, matter.”


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