Gutfeld: Bill Clinton Warned of Immigration Issue in 95, Yet Trump Now Condemned

“If there’s anything we learned this year, wanting a border makes you a racist,” Greg Gutfeld said in his daily monologue on The Five.

“Who goes off on illegal aliens, promises banning welfare for the same and then mentions deportation? What kind of monster is Trump?” he asked.

But, instead of replaying a clip of Donald Trump at recent campaign rallies, Gutfeld aired a segment from former President Bill Clinton’s 1995 State of the Union address:

There are “large numbers of illegal aliens entering our country,” Clinton says in the clip, “[They are] burdens on our taxpayers.”

Gutfeld continued: “The fact is, that footage reveals [that] since then, the goalposts on immigration have moved so far to the left, they’re outside the stadium!”

“Today is not yesterday– liberals love progress, but if you’re a fan of progress…you have to see the world for what it’s become now, and apply that reality to action.”

“Just like lizards, toads and finches, terrorism has evolved. 2016 is not 1916 or even 1996”

“It means the words of an old Democrat are truer now than ever–they’re just applied to the wrong object,” he said, referring to Clinton’s mentioning of Mexico in 1995, compared to the threats from the Middle East in 2016.

“This is not about Mexico, it’s about martyrdom,” Gutfeld said.

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By Fox News Insider
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