First-Time AZ Voter: My Undocumented Immigrant Parents Motivated Me To Vote Because Of Immigration

First-time voter Stephanie Rodriguez, the daughter of illegal immigrants, told an MSNBC reporter Friday she is the only person in her family that can legally vote. Rodriguez, a voter in Arizona, said she cast her vote because of immigration.

“The Clinton campaign is hoping to compensate with an uptick in Latino voters. First time voters like Stephanie Rodriguez here in Arizona. Stephanie, you’re the only one in your family that can vote,” the anchor introduced the child of an illegal immigrant.

“Yes, and I cast my vote already for the issue of immigration because my parents are undocumented,” Rodriguez shared.

“I was motivated to vote by my mother, who is not able to vote, as soon as my ballot arrived at home,” Rodriguez said. “She was like here it is, Stephanie, you can do it!”

By Ian Schwartz for Real Clear Politics
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