Expert Says ‘There Are Better Ways’ To Solve Immigration Than Trump’s Border Wall

BOSTON (CBS) — Discussions surrounding the federal government shutdown also must mention the immigration and border wall debate. On Sunday, Jon Keller brought in an immigration expert to analyze the issue.

Jessica Vaughan is from the Center For Immigration Studies [CIS]. She described the think tank as a non-partisan research institute based in Washington D.C. that believes “current immigration levels are too high and that we have too much illegal immigration in particular and that we need to find immigration policies that better serve the national interest and that avoid disadvantaging the people who are harmed by the policies that we have today.”

The Trump administration has claimed that thousands of terrorists have tried to pass through the border over the last year. Other reports claim that number is closer to 20, the CIS among them.

She continued, “The numbers are not that large, that’s the important thing. There are a lot of people we have concerns about, but they aren’t all streaming over the southern border as part of the caravan.”

During the 2016 presidential campaign season, Vaughan told Keller it was unrealistic to fence the entire border and it would be a waste in certain areas. Years later, she feels the same.

By Jon Keller for CBC BOSTON

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“I think they really did botch the expression of those numbers. It’s true that we need to be concerned about terrorists taking advantage of our vulnerabilities at the border. There have been some terrorists caught trying to enter the country illegally and there have been terrorists caught inside our country illegally,” said Vaughan.

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